A third of Ramadhaan has already passed

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Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said:

This is the night of Sunday, [which is] the first of the middle ten [days and nights] of Ramadhaan.

We ask Allaah Ta’aala to make right for us the first [ten – which have just passed] and the last [ten – which are to come].

On this night, I would like to remind myself and you all to take advantage of time before it passes, for indeed the days pass [by] quickly, particularly in this time of ours.

[Take for example] a person, while he is on the day of Jumu’ah, and all of a sudden it is the following [day of] Jumu’ah; as if there was only one day between the two!

And this is the meaning of the saying of the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ’alayhi wa sallam):

«The Hour will not be established until time passes rapidly…» – Sunan at-Tirmidhee, authenticated by al-Albaanee

[Regarding] his statement:

«…until time passes rapidly…»

…some of the scholars have said:

“The meaning [of this] is that the cities will grow larger, so where the distance between two cities was 10 days [of travel], when they have grown bigger, it has become less than that.”

So the time has become shorter.

However, that which is apparent [to me] is that it explains where we are today.

Time is short, [and] passing very, very rapidly.

Try [and ponder on this] yourself [it is as if] the month of Ramadhaan last year had only passed [a month before] in Sha’baan!

This is what I find in myself, and I don’t know [about you all]; do you find that within yourselves or not?


You find?

You do find that [to be the case too]!!

It is as if the month of Ramadhaan this year began last night.

And [right] now a third of it has been completed, and a third is a lot!

We ask Allaah Ta’aala to forgive [us for] what has passed, and to aid us to do righteous actions in what remains [of Ramadhaan].

The middle ten [of Ramadhaan] are better than the first ten, and the last ten are better than the middle ten.

You will also find that in general this is consistent; that, of the virtuous [periods of] time – the latter is better than the first.

[On] the day of Jumu’ah, the time of ‘Asr is better than its beginning.

[And on] the day of ‘Arafah, the time of ‘Asr is better than its beginning.

And the wisdom behind that – and Allaah has the complete knowledge [of all affairs] – is that when the souls begin to work, they become tired and bored; so they are encouraged.

They are encouraged with the virtues of the latter [periods of] times over the first, so they may be active during the latter [period] of time. So they may be active during the latter [period] of time, and then do righteous actions.

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A third of Ramadhaan has already passed

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